TUNING USA INC. is a full service import and trading company of fresh cut flowers and ornamental greens, sourced from around the world. We strive to offer, the finest crops linked direct from the source, to our vast customer base in the Tristate area, and beyond.

Shorten the lines
Strategically located across the GW Bridge in Saddle Brook New Jersey, we operate from our corporate office, only 30 minutes from downtown Manhattan. Warehousing is done directly at the airport site, at JFK in Jamaica NY. Our goal is to shorten the lines of communication and transportation ending in improved quality and value for money for the consumer.

Custom pack orders
Since 1931 our Dutch parent company has been, and still is, specialized in custom pack orders for both European and overseas destinations. TUNING USA INC. strives to also do custom-pack orders, delivering and preparing all the sourced products, according our clients wishes. For which we use a state of the art seamless online Webshop.

Most of our clientele are specialized wholesalers and designers. We have a professional and experienced flower sales and procurement team that can help you in filling your every floral need.
 Webshop offers
amaryllis sunny nymph amaryllis white nymph anigozanthos bush down brassica red crane brassica white crane calla mango cornus alba sibirica cornus flaviramea curly ting ting gold curly ting ting red curly ting ting silver cymbidium assorted cymbidium dyed blue cymbidium golden fleece cymbidium hans cymbidium mini camelford cymbidium mrs amore verde cymbidium mrs robin hood cymbidium no.60 hydrangea glowing alps classic hydrangea masja classic red hydrangea rodeo classic red hydrangea you & me together classic
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